Thursday, September 29, 2016

Singleton's in Mayport Florida - A Great Seafood Shack

If you are going to travel around in Florida, you are going to have to get your favorite Seafood Shacks lined up.  My personal favorite is Singleton's Seafood Shack in Mayport, Florida.  It's a great place to eat.  It's also a local institution.  My dad discovered Singleton's in 1964 when he was stationed at Mayport as a sailor.

Singleton's Seafood Shack in Mayport, Florida
You know that the seafood at Singleton's is fresh because the shrimp boats are literally parked right around back.  It is the anchor of the old Mayport fishing village.  There are lots of shrimp processing facilities, shrimp boats, and deep sea charter boats in and around Mayport and the industry supports a thriving community of feral cats.

Mayport is constantly threatened by the specter of big developers.  It's in a prime location at the mouth of the Saint John's River.  But, it is really a glimpse of the "true Florida" that so many people seek.