Saturday, October 20, 2012

Inside the Swamp: Beauty in the Small Details

The Swamp is a beautiful place.  In St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge, you can see grand vistas looking across vast marshlands or forests or the sun setting on the Gulf of Mexico.  But, you can also see beauty in the very small details.  Details like this lone flower in among the lily pads.

Lone Flower in the Lily Pads

Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Florida Softshell Turtle in a Private Moment

When you visit St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge, you are visiting the animals in their home.  You sometimes catch them in their private moments.  At least, the sometimes choose to have their private moments right by the road in front of God and everybody.  This Florida Softshell Turtle (Apalone ferox) has either discovered a high fiber cereal like Kashi or is laying eggs in a depression on the side of Lighthouse Road.  These turtles are almost entirely aquatic, but they emerge from the water to bask or lay eggs.

Florida Softshell Turtle at St. Marks NWR

Sunday, October 7, 2012

All along the watch tower in St. Marks NWR

If you go all the way down light house road in St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge, you'll find the lighthouse and a little observation tower.  It's a cool place to catch a breeze, watch a sunset, or look down on the canal running though the nearby impoundment and marsh.  It's also a good place to take the dog.  He won't get eaten and he won't try to eat anybody when he's up in the tower.

Observation Tower at St. Marks NWR